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[PVS] CfP: MODELS & ARTIST Workshop on Model Based Architecting and Construction of Embedded Systems (ACES^MB 2008)

due to multiple demands, we extend the deadline to August 10

                    1st International Workshop on
    Model Based Architecting and Construction of Embedded Systems
                           (ACES^MB 2008)

                       Organized and funded by
       ARTIST Network of Excellence in Embedded Systems Design
                   In conjunction with  MODELS 2008
                  September 28th, 29th or 30th (TBD)
                           Toulouse, France


The development of embedded systems with real-time and other types of critical constraints implies handling very specific architectural choices as well as various types of critical non-functional constraints (related to real-time deadlines and to platform parameters like energy consumption, memory footprint, etc.). The last few years have seen a growing interest in (1) using precise (preferably formal) domain-specific models for capturing such dedicated architectural and non-functional information, and (2) using model-driven engineering (MDE) techniques for combining these models with platform independent functional models to obtaing a running system.

The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers and
practitioners interested in all the aspects of model-based software
engineering for real-time embedded systems. We are seeking
contributions relating to this subject at different levels, from
modelling languages and related semantics to concrete application
experiments, from model analysis techniques to model-based
implementation and deployment. In particular, we focus on the

TOPICS ------

- Architecture description languages (ADLs)
    - the position of ADLs in an MDE approach
    - the relation between architecture models and other types of
      models used during  requirement engineering (e.g., SysML),
      design (e.g., UML), etc.
    - techniques for deriving architecture models from requirements,
      and deriving high-level design models from architecture models
    - verification and early validation using architecture models

- Domain specific design and implementation languages. To achieve the
  high confidence levels required from critical embedded systems
  through analytical methods, specific languages with particularly
  well-behaved semantics are often used in practice: synchronous
  languages and models (Lustre/SCADE, Signal/Polychrony, Esterel),
  time triggered models (TTA, Giotto), scheduling-oriented models
  (HRT-UML, Ada Ravenscar), etc.

  We are interested in examining the model-oriented counterparts of
  such languages, together with the related analysis and development

- Languages for capturing non-functional constraints (UML-MARTE, AADL,
  OMEGA, etc.)

- Component languages, system description languages (SysML, BIP,
  FRACTAL, Ptolemy, etc.).

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE --------------------

Iulian Ober         University of Toulouse, IRIT, France
Stefan Van Baelen   K.U.Leuven, Belgium
Susanne Graf        VERIMAG, France
Mamoun Filali       IRIT, France
Thomas Weigert      Missouri S&T, USA

PROGRAMME COMMITTEE -------------------

Nicolas Belloir     LIUPPA, France
Jean-Michel Bruel   LIUPPA, France
Agusti Canals       CS, France
Jean-Marie Farines  UFSC, Brasil
Peter Feiler        SEI, USA
Robert France       CSU, USA
David Garlan        CMU, USA
Pierre Gaufillet    Airbus, France
Sébastien Gérard    CEA, France
Tom Henzinger       EPFL, Switzerland
Bruce Lewis         US Army, USA
John Mettenburg     Rockwell Collins, USA
Isabelle Perseil    Telecom ParisTech, France
Dorina Petriu       Carleton University, Canada
Bernhard Rumpe      TU Braunschweig, Germany
Douglas C. Schmidt  Vanderbilt, USA
Bran Selic          Malina Software, Canada
Jean-Bernard Stefani INRIA, France
Richard Taylor      UCI, USA
Tullio Vardanega    University of Padua, Italy
Eugenio Villar      Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
François Vernadat   LAAS, France
Sergio Yovine       VERIMAG, France


This full-day workshop will consist of an introduction by the
organizers, presentations of accepted papers, an in-depth discussion
of a set of topics that are identified by the attendees, and a
concluding session presenting the results of the discussion groups.

IMPORTANT DATES ---------------

Submission Deadline:        Extended to August 10, 2008
Notification of Acceptance: September 5th, 2008
                            (during MODELS early registration)
Workshop Date:              September 28th , 29th or 30th 2008 (TBD)

SUBMISSIONS -----------

Two types of papers are expected: short position papers (max. 5
pages) or full technical contributions (max. 15 pages). Papers
should be in PDF format conforming to the Springer LNCS formatting

Papers can be submitted online at:
(details to come on the workshop web site)

PUBLICATION -----------

All papers (full and short) will be published in the Workshop
Proceedings (technical report with ISBN). As usual with MODELS
workshops, two of the best papers will be published in the MODELS
2008 Workshop Proceedings, in Springer's LNCS series. Only full
papers can be candidate for this best paper nomination. If the
quality of submissions justify it, we may also propose a few authors
to submit an extended paper for publication in a special issue on
embedded systems of Springer's STTT journal.