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[PVS] Call for FM’11 Symposium Proposals

                    Call for FM’11 Symposium Proposals
         17th International Symposium on Formal Methods 2011 (FM’11)
               Spring/Summer 2011 - Preliminary announcement

Formal Methods Europe (FME, www.fmeurope.org) is a worldwide association
bringing together researchers and practitioners in formal methods for
developing computing systems and software. We aim to encourage both
research and application by disseminating research findings and industrial
experience through symposia, sponsored events and special interest groups.

We organize a symposium every 18 months, approximately. Each symposium
attracts between 125 and 500 participants from all over the world. We
anticipate holding the 17th such symposium in Spring/Summer 2011 and now
invite proposals from any group or institution wishing to host this major

We stress that the location of the symposium is not restricted to Europe.
The event combines a regular scientific symposium with related activities
such as tutorials, events for research students, exhibitions of tools,
products, research projects and publishers. Innovation in the format and
content is encouraged.


• March 15, 2009: Symposium proposals due. Following submission, proposers
should be available to answer queries from the evaluators.

• April 30, 2009: Notification of evaluation. Proposals will be evaluated
by FME’s board in consultation with the symposium steering group and other
members of the association. FME and the successful proposers sign a formal
agreement (contract).


Proposals should be no more than 4 pages in length and should contain:

• A brief description of why the symposium is of interest to the proposer.

• The vision for the event, including its aims, the expected format and

• A description of the relevant qualifications and experience of the
proposers, especially regarding conference organization logistics.

• A description of the facilities that will be available for the symposium
and to support the organizers.

• The contact information of the proposed organizing committee.

Note that an informative document called ‘Rough Guide to the FME
Symposium’ is available on www.fmeurope.org.


Please send your proposal (in PDF format) and any enquiries to

events mailing list