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[PVS] Revised CfP: TTSS'08 - Harnessing Theories for Tool Support in Software, Istanbul/Turkey

                    REVISED CALL FOR PAPERS

               2nd International Workshop on
 Harnessing Theories for Tool Support in Software (TTSS'08)


30-31 August 2008, Istanbul, Turkey

Co-located with ICTAC 2008 (http://www.ictac.net/ictac08/)

Conference Topics

The aim of the workshop is to bring together practitioners and researchers from
academia, industry and government to present and discuss ideas about:

a) How to deal with the complexity of software projects by multi-view modeling
and separation of concerns about the design of functionality, interaction,
concurrency, and extra-functionality, and

b) How to ensure correctness and dependability of software using formal methods
and tools of modeling, design, verification and validation into design and
development processes and environments.

The workshop will provide enough time for discussion on problems and research.
Each presentation will be 25 minutes followed by 10 minutes discussion. Topics
of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

* Mathematical frameworks, methods and tools for model-driven development
* Models, calculus and tool support for component-based and object- oriented
* rCOS and relational mathematical frameworks of object and component systems
and their tool support

Important Dates

Submission deadline:            28 July 2008
Notification of acceptance:     12 August 2008
Final manuscript due:           18 August 2008
Workshop:                       30/31 August 2008


TTSS invites authors to submit original and unpublished work. Submissions
should include an abstract, key words, the e-mail address of the corresponding
author, and must not exceed 15 pages using ENTCS style. Proceedings are planned
to be published as ENTCS. Further details are available from the workshop
web-site http://www.iist.unu.edu/ttss08/

Program Committee

Farhad Arbab	         CWI, The Netherlands
Luis Barbosa	         Universidade do Minho, Portugal
James C. Browne	         UT Austin, US
Kung-Kiu Lau	         Manchester University, UK
Jing Liu	         ECNU, China
Xiaoshan Li	         Macau University, China
Markus Lumpe	         Iowa State University, USA
Thomas Noll              RWTH Aachen, Germany
Jun Pang                 U.Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Geguang Pu	         ECNU, China
Zongyan Qiu	         Peking University, China
Anders P. Ravn	         Aalborg University, Denmark
Abhik Roychoudhury	 NUS, Singapore
Bernhard Sch‰tz	         TU Munich, Germany
Heinrich Schmidt	 RMIT University, Australia
Meng Sun	         CWI, The Netherlands
Petr Tuma	         Charles University, Czech Republic
R. Venkatesh	         TATA, India
Xu Wang	                 UNU-IIST, Macau SAR, China
Ji Wang	                 National Laboratory for Parallel
                          and Distributed Processing, China
Michael Weber	         U.Twente, The Netherlands
Naijun Zhan	         CAS, China
Gianluigi Zavattaro	 University of Bologna, Italy

Patrick Cousot  ENS, France
Jifeng He       ECNU, China
Mathai Joseph   TATA, India
Zhiming Liu     UNU-IIST, Macau SAR, China
Bertrand Meyer  ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Jim Woodcock    Univ. of York, UK

Program Chair
Jianhua Zhao NJU, China
Volker Stolz UNU-IIST, Macau SAR, China

We apologise if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.

Kind regards,
Jianhua Zhao (NJU) / Volker Stolz (UNU-IIST)
United Nations University - http://rcos.iist.unu.edu/~vs/
International Institute for Software Technology Macau SAR, China