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[PVS] Conference Brochure Available

Conference Brochure Available

A Conference Brochure for the Interactive Learning Technologies 2008 conference is now available on our web site in PDF format. Go to:


And click on Program Brochure at the left.

The conference will be held on August 20-22 at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia.
The Interactive Technologies conference continues SALT's practice of bringing together senior professionals from government, industry, academia and the military to present the latest developments in the field of learning and training technologies. Over the course of 2 days, attendees will have access to 89 speaker presentations. Case studies will be provided as well as the results of recent research on the effectiveness and utilization of the latest learning and training technology applications.

This year's conference features the following conference tracks:

Gaming and Simulation
Presentations in this conference track will provide examples of how gaming and simulation are racing to catch up with the widening generational learning gap and how advances in software have made the development of these applications more affordable. Others will explore the use of simulation to provide leadership training and improve individual and organizational effectiveness. This track will also address simulation-based training and its efficacy in training as well as its cost advantages over its physical counterpart.

Mobile Computing
As M-Learning enters the mainstream, find out what tools and technologies are available to create, distribute, and track mobile learning projects. This track will review how leading companies, government agencies, and universities are using handheld wireless devices for performance support and training delivery. You will also hear from a panel of professionals in the industry who will discuss the future of mobile learning.

Knowledge Management Systems
Presentations in this track include best practices for successfully implementing learning management systems (LMS) as well as selecting the right technology for your organization (LMS vs LCMS). Learn how federal agencies are deploying LMS systems for workforce training and development, and how as a dynamic tool tied to organization needs, it can increase training effectiveness and improve dissemination of relevant information.

Training Applications
How are these technologies being applied to training needs and what are their effects? Presentations in this track will include a review of the appropriate performance metrics to measure training technology effectiveness as well as case studies.

Instructional design is always an integral part of any program no matter the technology. Presentations in this track will address management strategies which need to be implemented to deliver the promises of a particular instructional design, applying effective ISD and media solutions to design and develop modules for mobile devices, and redesigning instruction for the Web-based World.

Issues related to content development for e-Learning, how podcasting and wikis can reduce barriers to e-Learning, and how organizations are evaluating their e-Learning programs' performance are among the topics to be addressed in this track of the program. Also, understand how to maximize the impact of your e-Learning program.

Pre-Conference Tutorials - August 19th

Maximize your time at the Conference by attending one or more of these optional day workshops. Limited enrollment ensures that participants can have greater access to the tutorial leader.

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