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[PVS] Post-Doc Positions available at Service-Oriented Applications Unit - FBK - Trento, Italy

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                   Post-Doc Positions Available

           Automated Support for Service Oriented Applications

               Service-Oriented Applications Research Group
                       Fondazione Bruno Kessler
                             Trento, Italy

Deadline: June 30, 2008

The Service Oriented Applications (SOA) Research Group
(http://soa.fbk.eu), part of the Center for Scientific and
Technological Research (IRST) of the Bruno Kessler Foundation in
Trento, Italy (http://www.fbk.eu/irst), is seeking candidates for
Post-Doc positions.

The activity will be carried out in Trento, and will aim at the design
and development of methodologies and support tools for the automated
integration, and the run-time checking of distributed services. In
particular, the activities will focus on the following topics:
- automated resource-based composition of business processes
- self-adapting service orchestration
- assumption-based service monitoring and adaptation

The activities will be carried out within the European Projects ALLOW,
SCUBE and SLA@SOI of the 7th framework programme.  
Detailed information on these projects can be found at
http://soa.fbk.eu/projects.php .

The successful candidates will be enrolled with a fixed length
contract of 3 years, and will be subject to a 6 months trial work

Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D degree in computer science,
mathematics or electronic engineering or proved equivalent experience,
combine solid theoretical background and software development skills,
and have some degree of autonomy.

The candidate should be able to work in a collaborative environment,
with a strong commitment to achieving assigned objectives and reaching
research excellence.

In depth previous experience in at least one of the following areas is
- Service-Oriented Architectures
- Enterprise Application Integration
- Automated Planning and Software Synthesis
- Semantic Web Services

Presentation and Inquiries

Candidates interested in the above positions should introduce
themselves and inquire for further information by sending email to

Applications should contain a statement of interest, with a Curriculum
Vitae, and three reference persons. PDF format is strongly encouraged.

Emails will be automatically processed and should have 

'RIF: SOA/postdoc' 

as subject.

The SOA Research Group

Led by Marco Pistore, the Service Oriented Applications Research Group
(http://soa.fbk.eu) consists of about 15 persons, including
researchers, Ph.D., post-Doc, and programmers, doing research in the
field of service oriented computing, web services, and distributed
business processes.

The research of the group focuses in particular on the development of
techniques and tools that enact the effective, reliable, low-cost, and
time-efficient composition and monitoring of distributed business
processes through web service technologies. The pioneering research
performed by the SOA group in this area is widely recognized to be
state-of-the- art for what concerns advanced methodologies and
automated support tools for the design and execution of distributed
web processes. Such results are embedded within the ASTRO platform
(http://www.astroproject.org/), which includes and integrates tools
for service composition, verification, execution, and
monitoring. Current research directions of the unit include user
centric service composition (i.e., the composition and enactment of
available services to fulfill specific requirements of the end-user)
and evolution and adaptation of service compositions through autonomic
mechanisms and aspect-oriented design approaches.

The group is currently involved in several research projects, as well
as in industrial projects aiming at applying the research results of
the group to key application domains such as Telco, e-government,
and logistics.


Trento is a lively town of about 100.000 inhabitants, located about 130
km south of the border between Italy and Austria. It is well known for
the beauty of its mountains and lakes, and it offers the possibility
to practice a wide range of sports. Trento enjoys a rich cultural and
historical heritage, and it is the ideal starting point for day trips
to famous towns such as Venice or Verona, as well as to enjoy great
naturalistic journeys. Detailed information about Trento and its
region can be found at http://www.trentino.to/home/index.html?_lang=en .

Contact Person

Marco Pistore
mailto: <pistore[at]fbk[dot]eu>