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[PVS] Call For Participation: HotEmNets 2008


Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this Call for Participation


The Fifth Workshop on Embedded Networked Sensors (HotEmNets 2008)

June 2-3, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

In Cooperation with ACM SIGBED and SIGMOBILE

The Fifth Workshop on Embedded Networked Sensors (HotEmNets 2008) brings 
together wireless sensor network researchers from academic and 
industrial backgrounds to present ground breaking results that will shed 
light on present and future research challenges. The workshop emphasizes 
results from experiments or deployments that quantify the challenges in 
the wireless sensor systems of today as well as early results from new 
ideas that introduce promising approaches that will define the 
challenges in the wireless sensor systems of tomorrow.

The detailed list of talks are as follows:

[S1: Application]
SPOTLIGHT: Personal Natural Resource Consumption Profiler
The Second Life of a Sensor: Integrating Real-world Experience in
Virtual Worlds using Mobile Phones
RACNet: Understanding the Cooling Genome of Data Centers

[S2: Localization and Service]
Towards Precise Indoor RF Localization
A Microscopic Examination of an RSSI-Signature-Based Indoor Localization 
Event-triggered Location Aware Data Services in Mobile WSN

[S3: Tools]
A Global-State Perspective on Sensor Network Debugging
The Case for Predicate-Oriented Debugging of Sensornets
Parsimonious Mobility Classification using GSM and WiFi Traces

[S4: Wireless Links]
DUCHY: Double Cost Field Hybrid Link Estimation for Low-Power Wireless
Sensor Networks
Towards Short-Term Wireless Link Quality Estimation
Wireless Sensor Networking for "Hot" Applications

[S5: Communication]
On Using Weather Information for Efficient Remote Data Collection in WSN
Approaching the Maximum 802.15.4 Multi-hop Throughput
Energy-Reliability Trade-offs in Sensor Networks

[S6: Programming]
A Filesystem Interface for Sensor Networks
Getting TinyOS and NesC Ready for Prime Time
Mobile Virtual Sensors: A Scalable Programming and Execution Framework
for Smart Surveillance

[S7: System Architecture]
A Foundation for Interoperable Sensor Networks with Internet Bridging
PIP Tags: Hardware Design and Power Optimization
Pixie: An Operating System for Resource-Aware Programming of Embedded 

Please check the workshop URLs for timing information and further 
details on the program, accommodation and registration.


General Chair
John A. Stankovic  University of Virginia

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