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[PVS] Kurt Gödel Colloquium 2008 Announcement

Kurt Gödel Colloquium 2008 Announcement

Conference honoring the winners of the Kurt Gödel Centenary Research 
Prize Fellowships Program

The Kurt Gödel Society is proud to announce the conference honoring the 
winners of the International Research Fellowship Prize Program 
commemorating Kurt Gödel's 100th birthday. The competition has been 
organized by the Kurt Gödel Society with support from the John Templeton 

Purpose of the fellowships is to support original research in, and areas 
surrounding, the foundations of mathematics. These fellowships are 
intended to carry forward the legacy of Kurt Gödel, whose works 
exemplify deep insights and breakthrough discoveries in mathematical 
logic, with profound impact on the philosophy and foundations of 
mathematics. The selection has been made based upon an open, 
international competition. An International Board of seventeen eminent 
Jurors chaired by Professor Harvey Friedman has overseen the process. 
Applicants were required to submit a curriculum vitae, a research paper, 
and plans for further research. Seventeen finalists were chosen from 
among the applicants and their submitted papers will be published in a 
special issue of the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. From the 
finalists, five winners in the categories PreDoc, PostDoc and Senior 
were chosen to receive USD 120,000.-, USD 160,000.- and USD 

We are convinced, that the research of the winners will have had 
considerable impact on the field of logic and foundations of mathematics
forever connected to Kurt Gödel's legacy.

The full conference program can be found here:


The conference will be broadcasted in real time at: