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[PVS] Extended deadline for DCOSS special sessions (fwd)

==================================================== CALL FOR Posters, Demos, and Work-In-Progress Papers ====================================================


========================================= IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems June 11 - 14, 2008 Santorini Island, Greece =========================================


The 2008 International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor
Systems (DCOSS 2008) will take place in Santorini Island, Greece from
June 11 - June 14, 2008. DCOSS 2008 is intended to cover high-level
aspects of distributed computing in sensor systems such as high-level
abstractions, computational models, systematic design methodologies,
algorithms, analysis and applications.

Besides full papers, DCOSS 2008 features the following three
publication tracks:

POSTERS are suitable for the presentation of recent original
  results or ongoing research. Authors of accepted proposals
  present a poster during the poster session.

DEMOS present technology, platforms, algorithms, and applications
  in an interactive fashion. Authors of accepted proposals present
  a demonstration during the demo session.

WORK-IN-PROGRESS (WIP) PAPERS report on promising early-stage
  research with initial results. Authors of accepted WIP papers
  give a brief oral presentation during a plenary WIP session.
  Upon request, poster space will also be made available for
  presentation during the poster session.

At least one author of each accepted proposal must register
for the conference and present the work.

Accepted poster/demo abstracts and WIP papers will be published in a
printed DCOSS 2008 adjunct proceedings volume.

======================== TOPICS OF INTEREST ==========================

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

    * Computation and programming models
    * Energy models, minimization, awareness
    * Distributed algorithms for configuration and collaborative
      information processing
    * Theoretical performance analysis: complexity, correctness,
      scalability, efficiency, fault-tolerance
    * Abstractions for modular design
    * Languages, operating systems
    * Task allocation, reprogramming and reconfiguration
    * Dynamic resource management
    * Scalable, heterogeneous architectures (node and system-level)
    * Communication and processing primitives
    * Middleware interfaces
    * Design, simulation and optimization tools for deployment
      and operation
    * Design automation and application synthesis techniques
    * Case studies: lessons from real world deployments

======================== IMPORTANT DATES ============================

IMPORTANT DATES for poster, demo and work-in-progress papers:
Submission due 5PM PST:            4/14/2008 (EXTENDED!)
Acceptance notification:           4/30/2008
Final copy due on:                 5/9/2008

======================== SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS ====================

Poster/demo abstracts and work-in-progress papers must be formatted
according to the IEEE conference proceedings style on A4 paper with a
font size of at least 10 points in PDF format. Style files are available
at http://www.ieee.org/portal/pages/pubs/transactions/stylesheets.html.

POSTERS ABSTRACTS may not exceed 2 pages and should be submitted by
  email to Yang Yu <yang [AT] motorola.com> with a subject line reading

DEMO ABSTRACTS may not exceed 2 pages (an optional third page may
  be included describing the demo setup, but will not be judged) and
  should be submitted by email to Thiemo Voigt <thiemo [AT] sics.se> with
  a subject line reading DCOSS 2008 DEMO SUBMISSION.

WIP PAPERS may not exceed 3 pages and should be submitted by email
  to Kay Roemer <roemer [AT] inf.ethz.ch> with a subject line reading

======================== POSTER DETAILS =============================

DCOSS 2008 solicits posters that report on recent original results or
ongoing research in the area of wireless sensor networks. Authors are
encouraged to submit interesting results on all aspects of wireless
sensor networks, including algorithms, systems and applications.

Poster presentations will provide authors with early feedback on their
research work and enable them to exchange ideas with DCOSS

All posters will be reviewed and judged based on their originality,
technical contribution and, particularly, their potential to generate
interesting exchanges of ideas.

======================== DEMO DETAILS ===============================

DCOSS 2008 solicits demonstrations showing innovative research and
applications. DCOSS is interested in demonstrations of technology,
platforms, algorithms and applications of wireless sensor
networks. The DCOSS demo session will provide researchers the
opportunity to demonstrate their work and obtain feedback from
interested and knowledgable conference attendees. Submissions from
both industries and universities are encouraged.

Demos will be evaluated based on technical merit and innovation as
well as their potential to stimulate interesting discussions and
exchange of ideas.

======================== WORK-IN-PROGRESS DETAILS ===================

DCOSS 2008 solicits work-in-progress papers that report on promising
early-stage research, for which initial results have been obtained and
which appeal a broad audience. Topics of interest and review criteria
equal that of the DCOSS 2008 full paper track.


Yang Yu <yang [AT] motorola.com>, Motorola Labs,
DCOSS 2008 Poster Chair.

Thiemo Voigt <thiemo [AT] sics.se>, SICS,
DCOSS 2008 Demo Chair.

Kay Roemer <roemer [AT] inf.ethz.ch>, ETH Zurich,
DCOSS 2008 Work-In-Progress Chair.