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[PVS] NN5 Special Session at WCCI 2008

Title: NN5 Special Session at WCCI 2008

Call for Abstracts

NN5 Forecasting Competition Logo 

NN5 Time Series Forecasting Competition

Special Session at the 2008 World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI’08)


June 1-6, 2008, Hong Kong, China


We will be holding a special session on the NN5 competition (www.neural-forecasting-competition.com) at the WCCI 2008 conference (http://www.wcci2008.org). All those planning to submit predictions on the reduced dataset (11 time series) or the complete dataset (111 time series) are invited to submit abstracts describing their methods to apply for presentation at the 2008 WCCI conference.


-          Abstracts are limited to 500 words, and should describe the method and methodology used to predict the time series. The title should indicate the method used and contain ‘NN5’ in the title, submissions as plain text via email are encouraged (submitt to competition-chair@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

-          Presentations are restricted to NN5 competition participants (those that will submit predictions on the NN5 datasets). Presentations of those submitting abstracts but not submitting predictions by the deadline will be cancelled.

-     Presentations at other NN5 conference sessions (e.g. ISF'08 and DMIN'08) do not preclude presentation at WCCI'08 - you can present at multiple conference sessions.

-          In order to present at the NN5 session those accepted must register to attend the main WCCI’08 conference. Those already registered for WCCI'08 with one or two papers presented in other conference sessions require no extra registration for this session.

-          The best prediction will win a free registration (refund on site) awarded during the session


Important Dates:

05 April 2008:  Abstracts due (or as soon as possible)

11 April 2008:  Notification of acceptance

15 April 2008:  WCCI early registration deadline

15 May 2008:    Predictions & draft papers due


The WCCI competition program includes 10 other exciting competitions and hundreds of presentations! We look forward to welcoming you in Hong Kong!


Kind regards,

Sven F. Crone


Sven F. Crone


Deputy Director, Lancaster Centre for Forecasting
Assistant Professor in Management Science (Lecturer)


Lancaster University Management School
Department of Management Science

Lancaster LA1 4YX, United Kingdom


Tel +44 (0)1524 592991direct

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