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[PVS] EASSS'08 - European Agent Systems Summer School - Registration is Open


Call For Participation

** Registration is now open **

         10th European Agent Systems Summer School
                      (EASSS 2008)
             New University of Lisbon, Portugal
                     5 - 9 May 2008

(week before AAMAS'08)

Early Registration Deadline: 31st of March




As its very successful predecessors, EASSS'08 aims to offer a valuable forum for knowledge exchange between various research groups in this field for the benefit of students and researchers at both beginner and advanced level. EASSS consists of a mixture of introductory and advanced courses delivered by internationally leading experts in multi-agent systems, and it covers the full range of theoretical and practical aspects of multi-agent systems.

EASSS'08 will comprise the following courses:

* Introduction to Multiagent Systems
* Logics for Multiagent Systems
* Trust and Reputation in Multiagent Systems
* Service Oriented Agents
* Introduction to Game Theory and Mechanism Design
* Foundations of Institutions
* Agents and Arguments
* Computational Complexity in Multiagent Systems
* Planning in Multiagent Systems
* What Coalitions Can Achieve
* Agent Oriented Software Engineering
* Automated Negotiations in Electronic Markets
* Agent Based Simulation for Social Studies
* Normative Multiagent Systems
* Wireless Sensor Networks and Multiagent Systems
* Agent Swarms Generating Short-term Forecasts and Increasing Situational Awareness

This summer school is open to anyone from academia or

More information can be found at the webpage.

Inquiries can be sent to easss08@xxxxxxxxx