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[PVS] CfPart: MBT 2008,Fourth Workshop on Model-Based Testing at ETAPS 2008

Call for Participation

MBT 2008 -- Fourth Workshop on Model-Based Testing
            the oldest regular meeting on model-based testing

Workshop website:    http://react.cs.uni-sb.de/mbt2008/
Online registration: http://etaps.inf.mit.bme.hu:8080/etaps08reg/

We hereby invite you to participate in MBT 2008, which will be held on
March 30, 2008, as part of ETAPS 2008 (European joint conference on
Theory And Practice of Software).

The workshop is devoted to model-based testing of both software and
hardware. The intent is to bring together researchers and users of
models to discuss the state of art in theory, applications, tools, and
industrialization of model-based specification, testing and

Invited talks:

   Using Model-Based Testing for Quality Assurance of Protocol Documentation
   Wolfgang Grieskamp, Microsoft 

   Coverage-Biased Random Exploration of Large Models
   Marie-Claude Gaudel, Université de Paris-Sud, Orsay

Accepted papers:

   Verifying Test-Hypotheses - An Experiment in Test and Proof
   Achim D. Brucker, Lukas Brügger, and Burkhart Wolff

   j-POST: a Java Tool-chain for Property-Oriented Software Testing
   Yliès Falcone, Laurent Mounier, Jean-Claude Fernandez and Jean-Luc Richier

   A Lightweight Approach for the Semantic Validation of Model Refinements
   Claudia Pons and Diego Garcia

   Improving Fault-based Conformance Testing
   Bernhard K. Aichernig, Martin Weiglhofer, and Franz Wotawa

   Cooperative Testing of Uncontrollable Timed Systems
   Alexandre David, Kim G. Larsen, Shuhao Li, and Brian Nielsen

   Model-based Security Testing using UMLsec. A case-study
   Jan Jürjens