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[PVS] UML&AADL'2008: CALL for Participations

                    CALL FOR Participations :  UML&AADL’2008

               Workshop held in conjunction with ICECCS 2008
               The thirteenth IEEE International Conference on
                   Engineering of Complex Computer Systems
                             April 02 , 2008
                        Belfast, Northern Ireland


Programme (April,2)

9h30 : Presentation of the organizers : programme of the day, general
trends, actions and projects

9h45 : Isabelle Perseil, Laurent Pautet : ’A Concrete Syntax for UML 2.1
Action Semantics Using +CAL’

10h05 : Chokri Mraidha, Yann Tanguy, Christophe Jouvray, François
Terrier, Sébastien Gérard : ’An Execution Framework for MARTE Based Models’

10h25 : Su-Young Lee, Frédéric Mallet, Robert de Simone : ’Dealing with
AADL End-to-end Flow Latency with UML MARTE’

10H45-11H15 : COFFEE BREAK

11h15-11h35 : Abdelhafid Zitouni, Lionel Seinturier, Mahmoud Boufaida:
’Contract-based approach to analyze software components’

11h35-11h55 : Hichem Boudali, Pepijn Crouzen, Boudewijn R. Haverkort,
Matthias Kuntz, Mariëlle Stoelinga :’Arcade - A Formal, Extensible,
Model-based Dependability Evaluation Framework’

12H00-13H40 : LUNCH

13h40-14h00 : Matthew C Hause , F. Thom : ’An Integrated MDA Approach
with SysML and UML’

14h00-14h20 : Matthias Brun, Jérôme Delatour, Yvon Trinquet : ’Code
Generation from AADL to a Real-time Operating System: An Experimentation
Feedback on the Use of Model Transformation’

14h20-14h40 : Thomas Abdoul, Joël Champeau, Philippe Dhaussy,
Pierre-Yves Pillain, Jean-Charles Roger : ’AADL Execution Semantics
Transformation for Formal Verification’

14h40-15h00 : Hugues Balp, Étienne Borde, Grégory Haïk, Jean-François
Tilman : ’Automatic Composition of AADL Models for the Verification of
Critical Component-Based Embedded Systems’

15H00-15H30 : COFFEE BREAK

15h30-15h50 : Didier Delanote, Stefan Van Baelen, Wouter Joosen, Yolande
Berbers : ’Using AADL to Model a Protocol Stack’

15h50-16h10 : Jean-François Rolland, Jean-Paul Bodeveix, Mamoun Filali,
David Chemouil, Dave Thomas : ’Modes in Asynchronous Systems’

16h10-16h30 : Dominique Bertrand, Anne-Marie Déplanche, Sébastien Faucou
and Olivier H. Roux : ’A Study of the AADL Mode Change Protocol’

16h30-16H50 : Peter H. Feiler : ’Efficient Embedded Runtime Systems
Through Port, Communication Optimization’

17H-18H00 : Panel discussion around the various model transformation
techniques (automatic or not), code generation from UML diagrams or AADL
models, and more generally around a model-driven development process
that integrates the joint use of UML/AADL or SysML/AADL

with Peter Feiler, Mamoun Filali, Sebastien Gérard, Stefan Van Baelen,
Pierre de Saqui-Sannes, Matthew C Hause

Organizational sponsors

Agusti Canals (CS, France)
Sébastien Gérard (CEA-LIST, France)
Isabelle Perseil (TELECOM Paristech, France)

Programme Committee:
Yamine Ait Ameur (LISI / ENSMA, France)
Jean-Paul Bodeveix (IRIT, France)
Agusti Canals (CS, France)
Mamoun Filali (IRIT, France)
Madeleine Faugère (THALES, France)
Robert France (Colorado State University, USA)
Sébastien Gérard (CEA-LIST, France)
Irfan Hamid (TELECOM Paristech, France)
Bruce Lewis (US Army AMCOM)
Dominique Mery (LORIA, France)
Thierry Millan (IRIT, France)
Richard Paige (University of York, United Kingdom)
Douglas C. Schmidt (Vanderbild University, USA)
Bran Selic (IBM Rational Software, Canada)
Françoise Simonot Lion (LORIA, France)
Oleg Sokolsky (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Jing Sun (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Martin Törngren (KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Thomas Vergnaud (CNES, France)
François Vernadat (CNRS-LAAS, France)
Eugenio Villar (Universidad de Cantabria, Spain)
André Windisch (EADS Military Aircraft, Germany)
Sergio Yovine (CNRS-Verimag, France)

Isabelle PERSEIL  | tel : (+33) (0)6 10 75 52 84
TELECOM Paristech |
46 rue Barrault   | http://www.infres.enst.fr/~perseil/
75013 PARIS       | e-mail: isabelle.perseil@telecom-paristech.fr