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[PVS] IEEE WETICE "Knowledge Coordination": Invitation for Papers

Dear Colleague,

in our IEEE WETICE "Coordination Models and Applications: Knowledge in 
Pervasive Environments" (CoMA) event we would like to explore the 
interconnection between Coordination, Knowledge, and Pervasive 
Environments. (http://mowi.salzburgresearch.at/wetice)

Due to your valuable contributions to relevant fields, we would highly 
appreciate paper submissions from you or your fellow colleagues.

Please find an excerpt of relevant topics below. The complete CfP can be 
downloaded here: 

* Theoretical coordination models and foundations for pervasive systems
* Coordination models and languages for knowledge (using semantic data 
models such as RDF or OWL)
* Coordination middleware (such as space- or event-based approaches)
* Coordination mechanisms in (semantic) service-oriented architectures
* Distributed and P2P-based coordination
* Coordination in multi-agent systems
* Coordination dependent on context
* Integration of and mediation between coordination systems
* Case studies, evaluations and assessments about the benefits of 
(semantic) coordination

* Coordination in highly dynamic environments
* Health care systems
* Decision-support systems
* Geo-Collaboration

Best Regards,
Elena, Lyndon, Manfred, Robert
(CoMA Co-Chairs)

IEEE WETICE CoMA 2008: http://mowi.salzburgresearch.at/wetice
LBS 2008: http://www.lbs2008.org

DI(FH) Manfred Bortenschlager
Mobile and Web-based Information Systems [MOWI] 

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