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[PVS] PhD position available at the CLIP group, UPM, Spain


			    Research Grant
		     To pursue PhD studies in the
		CLIP group (http://clip.dia.fi.upm.es)
		Technical University of Madrid (Spain)
	in the context of the S-Cube EU Network of Excellence


The CLIP  group at  the Technical University  of Madrid  (UPM) invites
applications for  a fully-funded 4-year PhD  scholarship for qualified
graduate students.

Candidates should have graduated (with a Bachelor level or equivalent)
in Computer Science, Computer  Engineering, or related fields prior to
the  start  of  their  research  work at  UPM.   Candidates  close  to
fulfilling this  requirement can  also apply, and  every case  will be
considered separately.  Please include as much relevant information as

The PhD  work will focus on the  research areas of the  Clip group and
the EU-funded S-Cube network, and will be directed by Manuel Carro and
Manuel  Hermenegildo.  The  general  research  objective  of  "S-Cube:
Software  and   Services  Systems  Network"  is  to   advance  in  the
consolidation  of a  unified framework  for Software  and  Services by
studying how  to reliably integrate  the different requirements  for a
service-based application (SBA), including establishing ground work to
define  how tools  to ensure  SBAs  can be  implemented.  Among  other
topics,  this includes  ensuring  quality of  service, and  performing
validation and verification  of SBA or parts thereof  --tasks in which
UPM is directly involved.

This is also an outstanding opportunity to get involved in tasks which
require international  collaboration, as  the 15 S-Cube  partners come
from  11  different  countries.   Besides purely  research  issues,  a
significant part  of S-Cube  deals with integrating  existing European
research  in the  field by,  e.g., organizing  workshops,  striving to
establish a  researcher exchange network, and others.   The CLIP group
itself  has currently  around 20  full-time members  from  6 different
countries.  The working language of  the group (and of the project) is
English, and  good to  excellent command of  English is  expected from

Experience in / knowledge of (or, at least, interest in) the following
topics, despite not being mandatory, increases the chances of success:

    * Software verification.
    * Software validation.
    * (Constraint) Logic Programming.
    * Technology for and deployment of Web Services.
    * Quality of service in software services.
    * Service-oriented architectures.

Applications and information:

The project starts  on March 1, 2008, and will  initially run for four
years.  The  grant will be given  in the form of  a full-time contract
which  includes academic fees,  medical care,  and a  tax-free monthly
payment  which can  range  from  1,100 to  1,600  euros, depending  on
experience.  Applicants  will be ranked  according to their  value and
only those in the shortlist will  be contacted to ask for more details
or to have a personal interview.

The deadline  for applications  is February 15th,  2008.  Applications
received  after this deadline  may be  considered if  the scholarships
have not  been filled at  reception time.  Applications  and inquiries
should  be sent to  scube-phd-grants[_a@t_]clip.dia.fi.upm.es (replace
[_a@t_] by the appropriate sign)  and include a curriculum vitae (very
preferably in PDF), a listing of grades from previous studies, a brief
description of  research interests  in relation to  those of  the CLIP
group and S-Cube,  and, if at all possible,  letters of recommendation
from  faculty   or  management  that  the  student   has  worked  with