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[PVS] ITIB'08 (2nd CALL) Conference on Information Technologies inBiomedicine

***Please note that the deadline for paper submission for CARS 2008 is 4 weeks away***

Dear Colleagues, 

Preparations for ITiB 2008 in Kamien Slaski are progressing very well. 
The 2008 Meeting is organized to provide a comprehensive display of modern developments 
of information technology in medicine and biology. Similar to recent meetings in Wisla Malinka 
and CORESs, after peer-review the submissions will be accepted for lecture or poster presentations. 
The possibility of a submission to be accepted for lecture or poster presentations is very good. 
Papers of all peer-reviewed contributions will be printed by Springer - Verlag and distributed to all
congress participants at the meeting. 

For further submission and other details, please refer to the ITiB website at www.itib.edu.pl 

Yours faithfully,
Organizing Committee of "Information Technologies in Biomedicine" conference.