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[PVS] WADT 2008 - Call for Papers

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			      WADT 2008
		    19th International Workshop on
		   Algebraic Development Techniques

		    Pisa, Italy, June 13-16, 2008

	      Home page: http://www.di.unipi.it/wadt2008


After having joined forces with CMCS for CALCO'07 in Bergen, WADT
takes place in 2008 as an individual workshop and in its traditional

			    Aims and Scope

The algebraic approach to system specification encompasses many
aspects of the formal design of software systems. Originally born as
formal method for reasoning about abstract data types, it now covers
new specification frameworks and programming paradigms (such as
object-oriented, aspect-oriented, agent-oriented, logic and
higher-order functional programming) as well as a wide range of
application areas (including information systems, concurrent,
distributed and mobile systems).

The workshop will provide an opportunity to present recent and ongoing
work, to meet colleagues, and to discuss new ideas and future trends.  


			  Topics of interest

Typical, but not exclusive topics of interest are: 

 - foundations of algebraic specification
 - other approaches to formal specification, including process calculi
    and models of concurrent, distributed and mobile computing
 - specification languages, methods, and environments
 - semantics of conceptual modelling methods and techniques 
 - model-driven development 
 - graph transformations, term rewriting and proof systems 
 - integration of formal specification techniques 
 - formal testing and quality assurance 
 - validation and verification 


		     Workshop Format and Location

The workshop will take place over four days (Friday to Monday) at
Hotel Santa Croce in Fossabanda, a former monastery in the center of
Pisa. It will include presentations selected on the basis of submitted
abstracts as well as three invited talks.    



The scientific programme of the workshop will include presentations of
recent results and ongoing research. The presentations will be
selected by the Steering Committee on the basis of submitted abstracts
according to originality, significance, and general interest.  

The abstracts must be up to two pages long including references, and
should be formatted preferably using the standard Springer-Verlag LNCS
style. If a longer version of the contribution is available, it can be
made accessible on the web and referenced in the abstract.  

The abstracts have to be submitted electronically via the EasyChair
system, at URL


The final versions of the selected abstracts will be included in a
hand-out for the workshop participants.

After the workshop, selected authors will be invited to submit full
papers for the refereed proceedings, which is expected to be published
as a volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer Verlag).  


			   Important Dates

April 11, 2008	        Submission deadline for abstracts 
April 21, 2008          Notification of acceptance 
May 16, 2008            Final abstract due  
June 13-16, 2008        Workshop in Pisa  

June 30, 2008           Invitation of full papers (for selected authors
September 30, 2008      Submission deadline for full papers 


			   Invited Speakers

Egon Boerger       (Dipartimento di Informatica, Pisa)
Luca Cardelli      (Microsoft Research, Cambridge)
Stephen Gilmore    (Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science,



The workshop takes place under the auspices of IFIP WG 1.3, and is
sponsored by IFIP TC1. Support by other organizations is also being

The event is organized by the Computer Science Department of Pisa


		       WADT Steering Committee

Michel Bidoit (France) 
Jose' Fiadeiro (UK) [chair] 
Hans-Joerg Kreowski (Germany) 
Till Mossakowski (Germany) 
Peter Mosses (UK) 
Fernando Orejas (Spain) 
Francesco Parisi-Presicce (Italy) 
Andrzej Tarlecki (Poland)  

		       Local organizers (Pisa)

Filippo Bonchi 
Roberto Bruni 
Vincenzo Ciancia 
Andrea Corradini (chair) 
Fabio Gadducci  



Several rooms have been pre-booked for the WADT2008 participants at a
convenient rate at Hotel Santa Croce in Fossabanda. Detailed
instructions for booking will be published on the WADT2008 web page.



For any information about the workshop, feel free to contact 

Andrea Corradini
Dipartimento di Informatica
Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3
I-56127 Pisa, Italy
Phone: +39 050 2212786
Fax:   +39 050 2212726
Email: andrea@di.unipi.it