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Re: [PVS] recommended platform

On Saturday 04 June 2005 19:33, Nancy Griffeth wrote:
> I know that Linux and Solaris platforms are supported, but what about

This can be made more specific: Linux on x86 machines and Solaris on SPARC. 
I'm not sure of the state of 32-bit support on Linux amd64; similarly, 
Solaris x86 _might_ be able to run PVS, but might not. FreeBSD can run PVS 
2.4, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.3-beta but I've never managed to get 3.2 working there. 
So to reiterate, your options are:

SPARC Solaris
x86 Linux 
x86 FreeBSD

> size and speed
> of the computers?  Any recommendations?  We will eventually be working
> with large
> specifications.

The released versions of PVS all have trouble with using more than 512M of 
memory -- basically because the LISP implementation used is 32-bit and needs 
some tag bits, reducing the address range to 2^29. So for a machine that is 
_just_ running PVS, you don't need much more than 512M; get 1G for comfort 
when running a workstation with X11 and PVS. Machine speed isn't critically 
important, though some people in Nijmegen will tell tales of waiting for 90 
minutes for one proof step to finish on the fastest machine in the department 
(now _those_ are large specifications). Any modern x86 machine will do.


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