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Re: Referring to PVS and PVS on Linux

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, [ISO-8859-1] Pertti Kellomäki wrote:
> My second question concerns SUSE Linux. Can anyone confirm
> whether PVS runs or not on SUSE? Now that Red Hat Linux
> is being phased away, I am looking at SUSE as a potential
> candidate.

It runs on FreeBSD (i386) with the Linux emulation ABI, so I'd be most
surprised if an actual Linux variety fails to run it. You might take a
look at Mandrake, since that's RH-based (or was) - I'm pretty sure I've
run PVS on a laptop with that.

(So, to answer your question strictly: I cannot confirm it. But there must
be an existence proof somewhere :) )

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