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Book announcement

                      Egon Boerger and Robert Staerk
       Abstract State Machines. A Method for High-Level System Design and Analysis 

X+438p., Hardcover, EUR 49,95
Springer-Verlag 2003, ISBN 3-540-00702-4
The systems engineering method proposed in this book, which is based
on Abstract State Machines (ASMs), guides the development of software
and embedded hardware-software systems seamlessly from requirements
capture to actual implementation and documentation. Within a single
conceptual framework it covers design, verification by reasoning
techniques, and validation by simulation and testing. ASMs improve
current industrial practice by using accurate high-level modeling and
by linking the descriptions at the successive stages of system
development in an organic and efficiently maintainable chain of
rigorous and coherent system models at stepwise-refined abstraction

This book combines the features of a textbook and a
handbook. Researchers will find here the most comprehensive
description of ASMs available today and professionals will use it as a
"modeling handbook for the working software engineer." As a textbook
it supports self-study or it can form the basis of a lecture
course. The book is complemented by a CD containing the whole book
text, additional course material, solutions to exercises, and
additional examples.

Lecture notes and additional material are freely available 
at the AsmBook website 


Contents: 1. Introduction 2. ASM Design and Analysis Method 3. Basic
ASMs (Ground Model and Refinement Method) 4. Structured ASMs
(Composition Techniques) 5. Synchronous Multi-Agent ASMs
6. Asynchronous Multi-Agent ASMs 7. Universal Specification and
Computation Model 8. Tool Support for ASMs 9. History and Survey of
ASM Research - References

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