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PVS 2.4 patchlevel 1

I just updated the PVS 2.4 system.

This is primarily a bug fix.  Only a few new features have been added.
All bugs reported between Nov 25 and Dec 16, 2001 have been fixed.

If you got the version of November, you'll need to get it over again from
the same place (the files have the same name as well).  You can tell that
you have the right one by the welcome screen, which should say "PVS
Version 2.4 patchlevel 1".  We no longer use patch files, as they are hard
to maintain and run slower.

 - The check for legal assumings has been improved, and the Language Manual,
   Section 6.5. has been updated accordingly.

 - The release notes are now included in the lib subdirectory, and may be
   viewed using M-x pvs-release-notes (C-c C-h r).

 - The ndiv function has been generalized in the prelude to take an integer
   argument rather than a nat, and a JUDGEMENT provided for the nat case.

Get it at http://pvs.csl.sri.com/

And have a Merry Christmas!

Sam Owre