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Institute for Representation and Reasoning
Division of Informatics,
University of Edinburgh

PhD STUDENTSHIP for October 2000

The Division of Informatics invites applications for a three-year
studentship award to commence in October 2000. The successful
applicant will work in the Institute for Representation and Reasoning
(IRR) on a project entitled "A Generic Approach to Proof Planning",
under the supervision of Dr. Jacques Fleuriot.

Proof planning, an artificial intelligence technique developed in the
Mathematical Reasoning Group at Edinburgh, involves the analysis of
groups of related mathematical proofs to identify common
patterns. These patterns are encapsulated into proof plans which are
then used to guide future proofs from the same family, with little
or no search.

The aim of this project is to extend proof planning by investigating
the generality of the approach. It will involve a study of
mathematical proofs in various logics with the aim of discovering
non-trivial, highly general patterns of reasoning, which can be
rendered as proof plans. A framework based on the Lambda-Clam proof
planner and the generic theorem prover Isabelle will be developed to
test the new proof planning mechanism across a variety of logics.

Applicants should have a good honours degree or equivalent in
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Mathematics, or related
discipline. Familiarity with automated reasoning techniques, such as
theorem proving, and languages such as Prolog and ML are
desirable. Programming experience is essential.

This studentship is available to suitable candidates from any country
and covers all fees and maintenance.

The Division of Informatics was formed in 1998 from the Centre for
Cognitive Science and the Departments of Artificial Intelligence and
Computer Science.  For more information about the Institute for
Representation and Reasoning (IRR), see the following home page:


Information about students, the PhD Programme, and how to apply for a
PhD can be found by following the various links from the following


Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Jacques Fleuriot
(email: jdf@dai.ed.ac.uk; tel: +44 131 650 9342) for informal
discussions. The deadline for application is 31 July 2000.