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Suppose caml or ML had unification ....

Good morning,

	I'm contemplating extensions to functional languages that
would support development of formal projects like provers. My analysis 
says that many implementation issues would go away (or at least be
easier) if functional languages had unification. There was a lot of
work done on this but it doesn't seem to be in the available

	Would you please comment on:

	1. Do you agree with the "unification" stance?

	2. If so, what would you like to see as support?
Syntactically? Semantically?

	3. Regarless, what other difficult implementation problems
could be made to go away if the compiler directly support certain
features? Semantics?

Best regards,

Steve (really "D. E.") Stevenson           Assoc Prof
Department of Computer Science, Clemson,   (864)656-5880.mabell
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