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PVS 2.2 for Solaris 7

PVS Users -

Several sites have recently upgraded to the latest version of Solaris and
found that PVS 2.2 will not run.  We have created a new Solaris 7 version
of PVS which overcomes this problem which is now available from:


This uses a different version of Allegro lisp, and should be installed
into a *different* directory than your existing PVS 2.2.  To install, get
the following files from the ftp site:

 pvs-system-2.2.tgz    - mandatory
 pvs-solaris7-2.2.tgz  - mandatory
 pvs-doc-2.2.tgz       - optional
 pvs-libraries-2.2.tgz - optional

Create and cd to a new directory, and unpack the downloaded files in the
order listed above.  To unpack, use one of, e.g.,

  1. tar -xzf pvs-<file>-2.2.tgz
  2. zcat pvs-<file>-2.2.tgz | tar -xf
  3. gunzip pvs-<file>-2.2.tgz; tar -xf pvs-<file>-2.2.tar

The method varies according to the version of tar and other utilities
available on your system.  See your systems administrator if none of these
work for you.

After all files have been untarred, type ./bin/relocate, which updates the
location of PVS in the startup script. Then run ./pvs, which should
startup a new emacs window running PVS.  The pvs shell script may then be
copied or moved to a directory in your path, but if the directory is
moved, be sure to run bin/relocate again.

If you have been using the pre-release patches for PVS 2.2, a Solaris 7
version of patch level 1.41 is available at:




Dr Dave Stringer-Calvert, Software Engineer, Computer Science Laboratory
SRI International, 333 Ravenswood Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025-3493, USA
Phone: (650) 859-3291 Fax: (650) 859-2844 David.Stringer-Calvert@sri.com