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Promoting Formal Methods (fwd)

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Coming of Age                    FACS at 21 

2nd December 1998, British Royal Society

The 21st anniversary of the British Computer Society Formal 
Aspects of Computing Science Special Interest Group 

To mark this coming of age, we have invited four of our distinguished Fellows 
of the British Royal Society to select highlights of current research 
achievements, reflect on past lessons learned and look forward to future 

      Mike Gordon     21 Years of Hardware Verification
      Tony Hoare      Top-down and bottom-up and meeting in the middle
      Robin Milner    Computing is Interaction
      Gordon Plotkin  On Syntax

This 21 year period has seen formal methods mature from inception as a purely 
academic research area, to establish itself in computer science curricula, and 
most recently to be practically applied in industry.

The FACS at 21 meeting will take place at The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House
Terrace, London, commencing 9.30 am and finishing by 5.00 pm. In addition,
there will be an opportunity to attend an evening meal attended by the 
speakers. (Registration form below.)

For more information contact: Computing Research Centre, School Of Computing
and Management Sciences, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, S1 1WB, UK.
Tel. +44 (0) 114 225 5555. Current information is available at: 



                    Registration Form

              FACS at 21 -- Coming of Age? 
            A meeting organised by BCS-FACS
           to take place at the Royal Society
                on 2nd December 1998

 Registration fee (UK Pounds), which includes lunch and refreshments:
 45 pounds, including VAT, FACS members      |_| 
 50 pounds, including VAT, non FACS members  |_|
 Dinner, 45 pounds including VAT             |_|
 (Please tick boxes which apply)

 Name:        ______________________________ 

 Affiliation: ______________________________

 Address:     _______________________________________

 Email:       ______________________________

 Phone:       ______________________________

 Any special requirements: ____________________________________________ 

 Signature: ______________________________________

 This Registration Form and a cheque made payable to BCS-FACS should be sent
 to the FACS treasurer David Blyth.  Note: the deadline for registration 
 is 18th November
   c/o 15 Sherwood Avenue
   Dorset BH22 8JS

   fax: +44 (0)1202 896834