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Re: PVS Batch Mode

Min -

You probably have an error in your .emacs or .pvsemacs file.
Try doing this:

pvs -batch -q -v 3 -f pvs-version

and you should see something like:

Started initializing ILISP
Finished initializing pvsallegro
Context changed to /tmp
PVS Version 2.2 (No patches loaded) - Allegro CL 4.3 [Linux/X86; R1] (9/17/98 17:37)

The flags behave as follows:

   -batch	non-interactive mode
   -q		inhibit loading of .emacs
   -v 3		very verbose mode
   -f foo	execute emacs function foo

Try looking for the string 'Setq' in your .emacs file...


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