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Re: PVS Version 2.2 now available

  > Announcing PVS Version 2.2
  > PVS Version 2.2 is now available.  We suggest all PVS users upgrade to
  > this version as soon as possible as we'll be phasing out support for the
  > older versions.

Hi all,

I want to do verification of Real Time systems using the Duration Calculus
extension of PVS (PC/DC). Unfortunately PC/DC only supports version 2.1
of PVS. We tried that with the new PVS 2.2 ... it won't work.

So I wonder if someone out there can help me (please....:-)) to direct me
to a site where I can still obtain PVS version 2.1? 

Ok thanks for your attention,

--Wishnu Prasetya

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