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Summary of generic verified refinement steps

This is a rather belated summary of the answers to my question about
generic verified refinement steps a while back. My excuse is that I
already sent it once, but apparently the pvs list was down at the

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my query. The summary is


There is some work on program transformations, see references for
Shankar's work using PVS, Dold's work also using PVS, and Butler et al
who use HOL as the reasoning engine.

On the hardware side, there is work by Gopalakrishnan et al that I
found extremely interesting. The formalism (CSP) they use is different
from the one I am using (action systems), but the motivation is the
same: design and verify at a synchronous level, and derive an
asynchronous specification from that.

Steve Johnson from Indiana kindly pointed me to their Hardware Methods

	I assume you mean formalized-and-mechanically-verified when
	you say "verified".  I haven't done that, but I have been
	working for 15 years on a formal system based on
	transformation and refinement, and oriented toward hardware
	and system design.  Our papers are at

Although not directly related to what I have in mind, their work seems
to be very interesting.

There is also related work done on Petri nets by Gargantini et al,
but this unfortunately falls outside my competence:

	I don't know if it is exactly what are you looking for, but if
	it can be useful see our paper:
	M.Felder, A.Gargantini, A.Morzenti, " A Theory of Implementation and
	Refinement in Timed Petri Nets",
	We define formally the notion of correct refinement for timed
	Petri nets using the temporal logic TRIO.  We introduce some
	rules to refine an atomic transition in many transitions.  We
	present a method to formally prove the correctness of
	refinements and apply it to the rules presented (but by hand)
	You can find an abstract at the URL
	and you can download the postscript too.
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