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Re: [PVS-Help] Help regarding Transition System modeling in PVS

Hi Saqib,

There are many ways to specify transition systems and they are bad or god
depending on what you  want to do with it. For example, if you are
planning to animate the specification using PVSio, I would probably use
some ³computational types² such as lists instead of sets. However, if your
plan is to reason about them, sets are probably a better option.

Regarding your TS theory, it looks good so far. I only have two comments.
If you are not sure what structure you need for states, you could avoid
the definition of the type ³states² and use the parametric type ³state²
instead. Later one, when you need a more precise definition, you could
import this theory and instantiate the type ³state" accordingly. Also,
notice that the field ³States² in pre_UTS and pre_LTS is not doing much in
those definitions. For example, if your intention is that s0 is in that
set or that your transitions are only defined for elements of that set,
your specification is not accomplishing that. A ³simpler² way to
accomplish this is to define a parametric variable States : setof[state],

TS[state, event: TYPE, States:setof[state]]: THEORY BEGIN

transition: TYPE = [# source: (States), dest: (States) #]

pre_UTS: TYPE = [# s0: (States), Transitions: setof[transition] #]



Hope that this helps,

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Subject:  [PVS-Help] Help regarding Transition System modeling in PVS

Hi all,

I am learning PVS by modeling unlabeled and labeled transition systems
(TS) in PVS. Unlabeled transition system consists of a set of states, an
initial state and a set of transitions from one state to another.
 Labeled transitin system has an extra set of events (labels).
Specification is as follows:

TS[state, event: TYPE]: THEORY BEGIN

states:TYPE = [#loc: state#]  %i have defined states as record structure
as it will be easy to add a field for time in the future.

transition: TYPE = [# source: state, dest: state #]

%unlabled TS

pre_UTS: TYPE = [# States: setof[states], s0: state,

                 Transitions: setof[transition] #]

%labeled TS
pre_LTS: TYPE = [# States: setof[states], s0: state,
                Event: setof[event], Transitions: setof[transition] #]



Is above specification is right? or do i need to add something more?
Your kind suggestions are welcomed.