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Re: [PVS-Help] Need installation help for PVS


PVS uses the text editor emacs as a front-end. You will need to install it before you can use PVS:

sudo apt-get install emacs

If you already have emacs installed in a non-standard location (e.g., not in $PATH), you can specify the location of the executable through the environment variable PVS and/or the "-emacs" command line parameter.

Best regards,

On 1.11.2016 20:10, Waqas Rehman wrote:
I am trying to install to PVS on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. I have downloaded
the PVS 6.0 Linux Intel 64-bit from this link
<http://pvs.csl.sri.com/download.shtml>. I have untared the downloaded
file in a directory name PVS and then run the [bin/relocate] command and
it results in the following:

Setting PVSPATH in the "pvs", "pvsio", "proveit", and "provethem"
shell scripts to /home/waqas/PVS
If this is not the right path, edit the scripts before using them.

Then i try to run [./pvs] and [./pvs Examples/sum.pvs] commands and both
of results in the following:

./pvs: 404: ./pvs: emacs: not found

My current objective is install and runs PVS on examples already
provided with the installation. I haven't installed any other software.
Do I need to?
Please guide me in detail what should I do? I am attaching the
screenshot of the commands and results with this email.
Looking for a positive response.

Thank you

Waqas Ur Rehman
Graduate Student, Mob # +1 289 788 5546
Office # ITB-205, Department of Computing
and Software, Faculty of Engineering,
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario  Canada L8S 4K1