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[PVS-Help] PVS tool general information

Respected sir,
hope you will be fine. i need you little help and guidance. sir i need general information about PVS. please answer these question.
System General Information


First appearance(date/year)

Latest version

Last Update

Web Address

Developed by (University/Industry)

License type

Unique Features

Main users Communities and application areas

Success stories

System Category

Type(Theorem Prover/Model Checker/)

Automated Theorem Prover ATP

Interactive Theorem Prover ITP/Proof assistant

Type w.r.t reasoning (Mathematical/Graphical )

Type w.r.t logic (FOL/HOL)

Type w.r.t Truth values ( Binary/Fuzzy/ Triadic/probabilistic/others)

Type w.r.t calculus (Deductive/Inductive)

Set theoretic support (ZF/ Fuzzy)

Paradigm (functional/ Imperative/ Other)

Programming framework

Language (C/C++/Java/Prolog/python/other)

User Interface (GUI/CLI)

Support (cross platform)

Scalability (Distributed/ Multi-threaded)

Architecture (modular/monolithic)

Debug Output/run time assertion

Inheritance/ OOP



Code generation support

Internal framework

Small Proof kernel ( proof objects)

Extensible/programmable by the user

Editor support

Constructive logic supported?


moin ul deen

sudent of MS(CS)

UOS sargodha, punjab pakistan