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[PVS-Help] Best practices for scientific notation in PVS?

So, I know that I can use:
  c: real = 2.99792458 * 10^8
  e: real = 1.60217662 * 10^-19
to represent scientific notation. However, is there a more “traditional” way to do this within PVS?

I’ve tried “1.60217662E-19” (both upper- and lower-case ‘e’) and likewise with “D/d” and “G/g”. I even tried it with the special unicode character (U+23E8, ⏨) and with the “\” character à la Algol.

This leads me to suspect that “ * 10^” is the string I should be using in lieu of “E” (etc.) when representing scientific notation in PVS, but I just wanted to see if this is indeed the recommended best practice.

Best Regards,
Ben Hocking