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Re: [PVS-Help] pvs raw mode

thank you very much, I'll take a look at this link and give you feedback

2013/1/21 MUNOZ, CESAR (LARC-D320) <cesar.a.munoz@xxxxxxxx>

Look at the tool called Grizzly:


It is part of Bernstein in the NASA PVS Library (Try the version 5.0 of
the library, version 6.0 doesn't include Bernstein yet, but for what you
need it, it should be enough):


Grizzly is a script written in Perl that uses sockets to communicate with
PVS (running in raw mode).



On 1/21/13 3:44 AM, "Boulifa Bilel" <boulifa.bilel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Does anyone have an example of using the pvs -raw mode?
>I'd like to use PVS from a Java program but i have not been able to
>invoke the pvs rules on command line.
>Best Regards
>Boulifa Bilel
>Computer Engineer
>Tel: (+216) 97 808 500
>       (+974) 33 52 24 90

Best Regards

Boulifa Bilel
Computer Engineer

Tel: (+216) 97 808 500
       (+974) 33 52 24 90