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[PVS-Help] show proofs

every one

When the command "show-proofs-pvs-file " is issued,  
 PVS give the error message "SPC-scroll, I-Igore.... B-break:" in the  min buffer and  the hints  "Error:  No methods applicable for generic function" in some buffer.

 the other simliar command such as  "show-proofs-theory" give me the same error.

Note: 1) Both PVS 5.0 and PVS 4.2 have the same  symptom.
         2) PVS is running in the Ubuntu 10.10 under the the VMware workstation 7.0.1.  
        2) my emacs' version is  23.1.1. 
Thanks for your help!

Q.G., XU