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Re: [PVS-HELP]-Install problem

What are your system specifications? For example: OS type, Lisp
version, emacs version, etc...


On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 05:50:51PM +0800, fsong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Dear folks:
>When I run the "PVS".In one buffer show these information:
>"Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-number-of-arguments #<subr set-match-data> 2)
>  set-match-data((2 7) evaporate)
>  byte-code("&#193;&#194;\"&#135;" [save-match-data-internal set-match-data evaporate] 3)
>  pvs-extract-expected-from-output("\"4.2\"" nil)
>  pvs-send-and-wait("*pvs-version*" nil nil)
>  pvs-major-version-number()
>  pvs()
>  load("pvs-load" nil nil nil)
>  eval-buffer(#<buffer  *load*> nil "/home/Root/Pvs_files/pvs-4.2-ix86-Linux-cmulisp.tgz_FILES/emacs/go-pvs.el" nil t)
>  ;;; Reading at buffer position 2780
>  load-with-code-conversion("/home/Root/Pvs_files/pvs-4.2-ix86-Linux-cmulisp.tgz_FILES/emacs/go-pvs.el" "/home/Root/Pvs_files/pvs-4.2-ix86-Linux-cmulisp.tgz_FILES/emacs/go-pvs.el" nil t)
>  load("/home/Root/Pvs_files/pvs-4.2-ix86-Linux-cmulisp.tgz_FILES/emacs/go-pvs.el" nil t)
>  command-line-1(("-load" "/home/Root/Pvs_files/pvs-4.2-ix86-Linux-cmulisp.tgz_FILES/emacs/go-pvs.el"))
>  command-line()
>  normal-top-level()
>If I ignore these, run a demo from "Example/sum.pvs", I can success in  "parse and typechecker". But failed in "prover command". The message buffer show the information is :
>byte-code:(wrong-number-of-arguments #<subr set-match-data> 2).
>I can`t fix this problem. Anyone know this?
>Best regards