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[PVS-Help] success running build from PVS source w/ CMUCL, Suse 11.0, gcclibs 4.3.1

After some problems with the cmucl lisp process freezing (this appeared
to be a cmulisp problem, not a PVS problem)
I now have CMUCL PVS running on Suse 11.0 with gcc libs 4.3.1. 

I used the cmucl-2008-09-x86 snapshot build, remembered to set CMUCLLIB
to <cmucl install dir>/lib/cmucl/lib, ran the 4.1 Makefile.in patch from
the build wiki page, ran the build, and I'm in business.

>From the mail lists, it looks like it took a bit for cmucl to get in
tune with the 4.3 gcc libs.   I'm not sure if all this was necessary,
but this combination works.

Hugh Taylor