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RE: [PVS-Help] PVS 4, errors in Proof buffer?

I was at the PVS class in Nov this year and had the same question.  The
answer appears to be that CMU-Lisp is the culprit.  This message does
not occur with Allegro Lisp.

It's seems to be benign (but disconcerting)...


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Subject: [PVS-Help] PVS 4, errors in Proof buffer?

Does anyone recognize this symptom?
I'm running PVS 4 on some old sources and get an error in the
The full buffer content is attached, but the last few lines are:

    <PVS *proof* buffer>

    Help! 12 nested errors.  KERNEL:*MAXIMUM-ERROR-DEPTH* exceeded.

    Debug  (type H for help)

    (UNIX::SIGSEGV-HANDLER #<unused-arg> #<unused-arg> #.(SYSTEM:INT-SAP

I removed existing *.pvscontext* and *pvsbin/ *before invoking the
*M-x step-proof* does not generate this error.
Any ideas?

Steve Johnson