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[PVS-Help] PVS crashes on fc6 x86_64

I installed PVS 4.1 (CMUCL version) on fc6 x86_64 and I am trying to
retypecheck and reprove all my existing PVS specifications which were
developed and checked using PVS 3.2 (on x86_32). However, the new
installation of PVS crashes while typechecking these specifications.
Particularly, I have several directories and I use
load-prelude-library option to import them in other subdirectories.
PVS simply gives an error message "Restarts:" while typechecking

I am suspecting if there is a problem with the installation of PVS on
x86_64. In that case someone else may have experienced similar
problem. Any suggestions to solve this problem?
Thank you,