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[PVS-Help] Running PVS in the raw mode...

Hi all

I am having a problem of running PVS in raw mode...
I wanted to use PVS in texmacs and when I run pvs -raw as a system  
command through
texmacs, I get the following operations in the shell:

;; Optimization settings: safety 1, space 1, speed 3, debug 1.
;; For a complete description of all compiler switches given the
;; current optimization settings evaluate (explain-compiler-settings).
;; Current reader case mode: :case-sensitive-lower
pvs(1): EOF
Really exit lisp [n]?

and then it exists...and yes, it doesn't take 'n' as an input as it  
already has an EOF after pvs(1). Please suggest a way to use pvs in  
this way...