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Re: [PVS-Help] advice on allegro cl version

Hendrik Tews wrote:
> rpgoldman@sift.info writes:
>    You are right that you can't compile a modified application
>    for your personal use, but you CAN compile all the source
>    files and dump a lisp image w/ them loaded. 
> Sure, I thought about that too. But it would first require
> changes to the PVS sources. Or are there already any provisions
> in the code to work with Allegro Lisp and to dump/load lisp
> images?

I have never tried, but I would guess that this would require a
modification of the pvs makefile (or whatever mechanism it uses).  On
the other hand, PVS is such a complex system that if you weren't
comfortable modifying the makefile, you might not be comfortable
modifying the system; the makefile is likely to be the *least*
complicated part.  Dumping an image is pretty simple; making an
application somewhat more complex.

On the other other hand, if you have a real need for this, you might
find the Allegro Enterprise license worth the money.  My company does.
I might add that Franz' customer support is wonderful.

I might further add that if you are going to use a 64-bit instead of a
32-bit architecture, this whole question is moot, since I believe only
enterprise is available on these systems.


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