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Re: [PVS-Help] Problem starting up PVS

Hi all.

It was me who has suggested the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL work-around.  Today
this work-around is not needed, so it should be removed.  I do
not know how SRI packages pvs.  The problem I have hit is described


A patch to allegro lisp has been supplied at


However, I do not know how to apply this patch to the lisp shipped
with PVS 3.2.  I also hope that someone more knowledgable can put
a proper fix into the wiki.

For later versions of Allegro CL setting LD_ASSUME_KERNEL
is not necessary.  I suggest to remove my original work-around from
PVS 4.0.  I hope this clarifies the situation.

With best regards,

Marcel Kyas
Department for Computer Science
University of Oslo

Homepage: http://www.ifi.uio.no/~kyas