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Re: [PVS-Help] Simple PVS setup question


Did you start PVS from within directory 
/home/<user>/pvs-3.2/Examples/ ?  If not, you need to explicitly tell 
PVS what is the current working directory (context).  The way to do 
this is via the M-x cc (change-context) command.

At 11:59 PM 6/6/2006, Ari Wilson wrote:
>I followed all of the instructions to install PVS on
>my machine and am running into the following problem
>(I haven't modified the pvs script or anything):
>I have a file, ex1.pvs that consists of the following:
>ex1: THEORY
>END ex1
>I do M-x tc and get the following message:
>/home/<user>/pvs-3.2/Examples/ex1.pvs is not in the
>current context
>Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.
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