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Re: [PVS-Help] Records and quantifying over fields

Hi Hanne,

It is not allowed to quantify over fields in general.  It makes sense
for this record type, but in general records have fields of different
types, in which case the variable cannot be given a type (unless, as in
some type systems, there is a "top" type).  I think you would be better
off with an array, or you could do something like

  PosName: TYPE = {p11, p12, p13, p21, p22, p23, p31, p32, p33}
  World: TYPE = [PosName -> Position(3)]

then for a World w, you could say
  exists (p, q: PosName): w(p) = w(q)

I hope this helps.

Hanne Gottliebsen <hago@dcs.qmul.ac.uk> wrote:

> If I  have a record type (and constants of that type), is it possible to
> quantify over the fields?
> World : TYPE = [# p11, p12, p13,
>                    p21, p22, p23,
>                    p31, p32, p33: Position(3) #]
> Given a world, w, I would like to say something like
> exists (p,q: positions in w) : p = q
> (Actually, what I want to say about p and q is more complicate, but I
> think this is enough to explain my problem).
> Is this possible? Or should I be looking at another type (array maybe) in
> the first place?
> Thanks,
> Hanne
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