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Re: [PVS-Help] M-x status-proofchain problem

I have seen this.  Sometimes if you kill all bins and contexts for 
everything and
re-prove from the ground up it will disappear.


At 05:42 AM 10/4/2005, Hanne Gottliebsen wrote:
>I'm trying to run M-x status-proofchain to find out just why PVS thinks a 
>particular lemma is proven incompletely.
>However, when I place the cursor on the lemma and run M-x 
>status-proofchain, I get an error (emacs window splits with an error 
>output buffer) saying Error: the assertion
>Am I using it wrong? Have you seen this before? Is there an other way for 
>me to figure out what unproven lemma this particular one is relying on?
>I'm running PVS3.2.
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