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[PVS-Help] problem in induction scheme for lemmas involving 'choose'


I am trying to prove lemma pred_edge in following theory:

  grf  [node:TYPE+ ]: THEORY


  mygraph: VAR non_empty_finite_set[[node, node]]
  p, q: VAR node

  %% recursive definition to find predecessors of node p in mygraph

  predecessors(mygraph, p): RECURSIVE set[node] =
    IF mygraph=emptyset  THEN emptyset
    ELSE LET edge = choose(mygraph) IN
      IF edge`2 = p THEN
        add(edge`1 , predecessors(remove(edge,mygraph), p))
        predecessors(remove(edge,mygraph), p)
     MEASURE card(mygraph)

  % induction scheme :
  % base case :emptyset
  % induction step : assume for g_var and prove for (g_var + 1 edge)

  graph_induction: LEMMA
   FORALL (p: [non_empty_finite_set[[node,node]] -> boolean]):
    ( p(emptyset) AND
     (FORALL (g_var:non_empty_finite_set[[node,node]],a,b:node):
      (p(g_var) IMPLIES p(add((a,b),g_var)))
    IMPLIES (FORALL (g_var: non_empty_finite_set[[node,node]]): p(g_var)))

  pred_edge : LEMMA
  predecessors(mygraph,p)(q) IFF member((q,p),mygraph)

  END grf

 while proving this i reached a step which i think can not be proved due
to randomness of choose.

[-1]  choose(add((a!1, b!1), g_var!1))`2 = p!1
[-2]  member((q!1, p!1), add((a!1, b!1), g_var!1))
[-3]  predecessors(g_var!1, p!1)(q!1)
[-4]  member((q!1, p!1), g_var!1)
{1}   choose(add((a!1, b!1), g_var!1))`1 = q!1
{2}   member(q!1,
             predecessors(remove(choose(add((a!1, b!1), g_var!1)),
                                 add((a!1, b!1), g_var!1)),
[3]   add((a!1, b!1), g_var!1) = emptyset

Is there some other induction scheme which will prove such lemmas
involving choose?

thanx in advance,