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Re: [PVS-Help] errors when runng pvs-3.1 under Fedora Core2

Ross Macintyre said:
> Hi I hope someone can help.
> I have been asked to get pvs running on a number of machines running
> Fedora Core2. (kernel = 2.6.8-1)
> I have followed the instructions for installation but get this error when
> firing up pvs, shown in the top window:
>   Error: "changing directory " resulted in error
> Also I saw something about 'error in process filter' briefly in the lower
> emacs window, and something about 'loading compiled patch'.

I am just reporting that I sorted this out myself.
The problem was to do with our automount setup, and the fact that the
first time you login and type 'pwd' the (home) directory given is actually
the mount point of the home directory listed under /tmp_mnt.
An easy fix is just to type 'cd' before runng pvs.
This results in 'pwd' reporting the directory listed in /etc/passwd for
that user.


> --
> Ross Macintyre (raz@macs.hw.ac.uk)

Ross Macintyre (raz@macs.hw.ac.uk)