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[PVS-Help] Re: loading files, indentation

Hi Rob,

"R. Colvin" <robert@itee.uq.edu.au> writes:

> 2) pvs-mode does not seem to indent new lines nicely like text-mode
> and fundamental-mode.  How can I modify this behaviour?  (This may
> be a general emacs question - I've looked through the manuals but
> have not been able to track down an answer (I'm not a native emacs
> user))
> Thanks,
> Rob

We are working on some extensions to the PVS Emacs front-end here in
Nijmegen.  One feature of these extensions is support for
user-definable indentation styles.

You can read about some of this work in the paper "Improving the PVS
User Interface", which I wrote with Sam Owre.  It is available from

The paper "Formalizing the User's Context to Support User Interfaces
for Integrated Mathematical Environments" discusses the mathematical
foundations for this work.  It will be available in a few weeks, I

List members that would like to be beta testers for these new
features, please drop me a line.  I'm trying to get a first beta
release done this month.

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