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Re: [PVS-Help] loading files, indentation


> Is there a way of telling pvs to load a particular .pvs file from
> the command line?

PVS just passes command line arguments to Emacs, so it's just the same
as starting Emacs on a file: type "pvs filename"

However, the normal method of use is to start PVS when your machine
boots, and to leave it running for months on end, so your question
suggests you may be using PVS in some nonstandard way.  Maybe you need
batch mode?  (See Chapter 5 of the system manual).

> Do you know how I can see exactly what variables
> 'pvs-mode' changes (and the functions it calls)?

The source for all the PVS Emacs files are part of the distribution,
so just look through them.  Usually, only real Emacs experts would
tinker with this stuff, and only they would have settings that might
conflict with PVS mode.   

If you're not an Emacs guru, try describing you the problem you're
confronting and we'll see if we can help you.