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Re: [PVS-Help] loading files, indentation

Thanks John,

: To work on the file foo.pvs directly, you can either use the standard
: Emacs command C-x C-f foo.pvs, or the PVS specialization C-c C-f foo .

Ok.  After emailing you I also found the command "M-x ff".  Is there
a way of telling pvs to load a particular .pvs file from the command

: I don't know the answer to your question 2, but PVS provides commands
: for prettyprinting the buffer (or region).   You can always undo if
: you don't like how PVS does it, or keep it and make a few changes by hand.

I think there is a slight problem with my emacs settings and
'pvs-mode'.  Do you know how I can see exactly what variables
'pvs-mode' changes (and the functions it calls)?