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[PVS-Help] loading files, indentation

Hi, I have two questions about PVS. 

1) After I start pvs in the directory which contains the .pvs file I
wish to work on, I run M-x imf.  This prompts for the file name,
which I give.  It then asks me "Import to file name: ".  If I give
its name it says the file already exists.  Currently I am importing
to a different file, then moving it back to the desired name after
the session.  Could you tell me a better way of loading a pvs file
and being able to edit immediately.

2) pvs-mode does not seem to indent new lines nicely like text-mode
and fundamental-mode.  How can I modify this behaviour?  (This may
be a general emacs question - I've looked through the manuals but
have not been able to track down an answer (I'm not a native emacs