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[PVS-Help] using TCCs in proofs

Is there a facility or recommended way to deal with the following.

I define a function f which involves some complicated dependent types and
generates TCCs that aren't proved by the built-in strategies.

Now I do a proof involving f and thus get similar TCCs.  Having discharged
the TCCs for f, I can now use them in this proof.  But I'm doing it by
hand:  look at the obligation, find f's TCC with similar consequent, and

   (then (use "f_TCC_number_whatever") (grind))

It works but it's tedious.

I haven't tried it, but a quick look at the Prover Guide's chapter on
strategies suggests I can easily define a strategy that tries the above
for each of f's TCCs.  But there are several such f so I'd prefer to
generate the strategy automatically.